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Salvatore Ferragamo`s exhibition on Marilyn Monroe in 2012

    Salvatore Ferragamo has annouced an upcoming exhibition on Marilyn Monroe in conjunction with the release of Simon Curtis` film "My Week with Marilyn". The exhibition shines the spotlight on the seductive aura and allure of Marilyn Monroe.

    It will be held in Florence from June 2012 to January 2013 at Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, which in 1999 purchased 14 pairs of the actress’s shoes originally designed by the brand’s founder.

    Through his shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo contributed to the legend Marilyn would become: they accentuated the innate and intense sensuality of the woman whom Salvatore likened to Venus, the Greek goddess of beauty. In addition to the costumes she wore for her most celebrated roles, the exhibition will host works of art depicting Marilyn as a myth of unattainable and tormented beauty, a myth that moves us to empathy and enthrals us still today.


    Picture is property of Salvatore Ferragamo

    What do you associate with Marilyn? What made her unforgettable? Is she still a style icon today?

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