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15 Style Tips for Men

    1 ferragamo

    Salvatore Ferragamo F/W 11/12
    1. Shoes make the man.

    Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the occasion, which will mean immaculate, closed leather shoes most of the time.

    Sneakers are only ok in the gym and flip flops only at the beach.
    2. Get a REAL HAIR-CUT.

    I cannot stress this enough! Your hair is the frame of your face and shapes it. Most flattering hair-cuts require a certain length so go to a professional salon and don`t require ‘short and practical’. Flip through their books of model-haircuts and pick one that corresponds with your head-shape AND that you`re able to style by yourself every morning (the hairdresser can show you how). You will have to buy and use products for that.
    2David Gandy

    3 RL Purple Label-fw11-man

    Ralph Lauren Purple Label F/W 11/12
    3. You need at least eight suits.

    A well-fitting suit is still the best thing a man can wear.

    You need:

    - one formal black suit for official occasions

    - one formal evening suit (preferably with satin or leather details)

    - three modern work suits (they can have trendy cuts)

    - one tweed-suit for traveling in style

    - one white (or beige) linen summer suit

    - one casual, stylish suit for private parties and occasions.

    Black, dark blue and all shades of grey are safe choices. If you`re into fashion you can go for red, tartan, dark green and shades of light-brown.

    (Caution: hands off pink, light-blue, yellow and all pop colours – they only work in editorials and on skinny japanese hipsters.)
    4. Regular grooming is a MUST!

    Short hair-cuts need to be re-cut in a salon every four weeks, manicure & pedicure once a week. Eyebrows that grow together need to be plucked.
    4 z4

    5 z7 5. Don`t shave off too much.

    The ‘metrosexual’ 90s are over. Beards are having a comeback and many people are really turned on by a hairy, manly chest. So don`t shave before it`s required.
    6. Take care of your skin.

    You need an eye-cream, a day-cream (with UV-protection of minimum 15) and a night-cream.

    Anti-ageing starts at age 25.

    If you get skin irritations from shaving first change the method of your shaving, then the products (the dermatologist is the last resort).

    7 bowie

    Style icon & living legend David Bowie
    7. Wear the established classics of menswear.

    Ties and bow ties complete every suit and also look stylish under pullovers on more casual occasions. Don`t forget matching cufflinks.

    Please wear hats and leave beanies to children.
    8. Accessorize!

    A pocket square, coloured socks or a silk scarf add a fashionable touch to every suit.
    8 kenzo-fw11Kenzo F/W 11/12

    9 ferragamo-fw11Salvatore Ferragamo F/W 11/129. You need bags!

    Yes, more than one. You should have a clutch for evening occasions, a laptop-bag (no nylon!) for school / work and a satchel and messenger bag for everyday use. Preferably in multiple colours.

    Oh and please burn your old bagpack immediately!

    10. Perfume is the essence of seduction.

    A modern (!) fashion fragrance increases your attractivity several hundred percent.

    (Caution: hands of drugstore scents and ‘classics’ like Old Spice – nobody will want to sleep with you if you smell like their father!)

    11 gaultier-fw11Jean Paul Gaultier F/W 11/12

    11. Bad-boy details, please!

    The modern, sexy rebel is subtle. Underline your sex-appeal with accessories like leather gloves, biker boots, stylish (high quality!) leather jackets, one (!) leather or chain bracelet. (Caution: hands off everything David Beckham ever wore – that`s category ‘Over’)

    12. Stay slim.

    It`s the easiest way to look good and all cuts will work on you.

    12 burberry-winterstorms-Eveningwear2a

    Burberry Winterstorms Eveningwear F/W 11/12
    13 z7

    Tom Ford
    13. Have a style icon.

    Choose a man who`s style you admire, carefully study his style (details!) and copy it. Get rid of today`s dogma of “uniqueness” – not all of us are geniouses that re-invent style daily! - and don`t be the millionth person to ‘express their individuality’ with H&M clothing.

    Good style derives from experience and quality – not spontanous ideas! The copying of your icon`s style is just the first orientation anyway. You`ll find out what works on you and alter it for yourself in time.

    14. Self-confidence & manners

    No matter how crisp you look – it`s all useless without confidence and good manners! Being a gentleman, listening attentively and not being completely self-absorbed will bring you far.
    14 talk
    15 brioni-cufflinks

    Brioni cufflinks F/W 11/12
    15. Invest in status-symbols.

    Every man needs a quality watch (rather a descent mid-priced one than a fake Rolex!), designer shades, tasteful business cards, cufflinks and (real-) silk ties.

    Written by Jenny for Solosso Style Tips, Picture credits: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 14. All are licensed Creative Commons 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

    What are your most important style tips for men?

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