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Outtakes F/W 11

    It`s the last day of the year (& the last day of the season) and instead of looking back, I`m showing you the season`s outtakes, the highlights of the material that didn`t make it into the coverage. Enjoy!

    1 - westwood-red-label-fw11

    Vivienne Westwood Red Label F/W 11

    2 - bur-precollection

    Burberry Precollection

    3 - kenzo-homme-fw11

    Kenzo Homme F/W 11

    4 dsquar2

    Dsquared² F/W 11

    5 ferragamo-cruise

    Salvatore Ferragamo Cruise Collection

    6 westwood-man-fw11

    Vivienne Westwood Man F/W 11

    7 gaultier-precol

    Jean Paul Gaultier Precollection

    Pictures are property of the respective brands

    Which pictures are so good that they should have been in the regular coverage?

7 New Year`s Eve Party Looks


    Dress: Vivienne Westwood, hair accessory: Kenzo, clutch: Atelier Swarovski by Cate Adair, shoes: Joop


    Dress: Vivienne Westwood, blazer: Mango, clutch: Vivienne Westwood, shoes: Joop


    Dress: Mango, earrings: Just Cavalli, bag: Jean Paul Gaultier, shoes: Vivienne Westwood


    Dress & earrings: Vivienne Westwood, bag: Jean Paul Gaultier, shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo


    Dress: Vivienne Westwood, hair accessory: Kenzo, clutch: Jean Paul Gaultier, shoes: Ralph Lauren Holiday Collection


    Dress: Mango (?), jewellery: Just Cavalli, clutch: Our Lord and Saviour, shoes: Mango


    Dress: Mango, hair accessory: Monki, clutch: Mango, shoes: Roberto Cavalli

    Pictures are property of the respective brands

    All looks styled by Jenny

    Which of these looks would you wear and which is your favourite?

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania F/W 11/12 Lookbook



    Pictures are property of Vivienne Westwood

    How do you like the collection? Which are your favourite looks?

Video Retrospective: Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 2004 by John Galliano

    This truely is one of the greatest Haute Couture collections in history! Everything about it is perfect; it is impressive from the opulent shapes to the the terrific details. Each look is a firework and the theatrical show with the models strouting the like pharaos and posing like divas brings them to life.

    Galliano`s play with proportions and volume is ingenious - earrings as large as shoes, skirts three times as wide as the waist and sleeves that touch the floor - THIS is Haute Couture; the artistic vision, the exaggeration, the perfect details and the perfect tailoring, all leading to a piece of pure beauty, born in the realm of fantasy, realized without the restrains of "practicability" or "wearability".

    I hope the CEO`s of Dior are sitting in their archives crying that they let Galliano go. He IS the greatest couturier alive and there is NO replacing him! He must return to Dior. There is no other way.

    What impresses you the most about this divine collection?

10 Coats & Accessories to keep you warm in style on New Year`s Eve

    1 - bur winterstorms2

    Burberry Winterstorms Cape

    2 - cavalli-gloves

    Roberto Cavalli Gloves

    3 - westwood2

    Vivienne Westwood Coat

    4 - Joop

    Joop Leather Gloves

    5 - Burberry Winterstorms

    Burberry Winterstorms Coat

    6 - gaultier3

    Jean Paul Gaultier Thigh High Boots

    7 - west5

    Vivienne Westwood Short Coat

    8 - bur winterstorms3

    Burberry Winterstorms Mink Cap

    9 belstaff BrentIIParkaLady 2032

    Belstaff Parka

    99 westwood

    Vivienne Westwood Scarf
    Pictures are property of the respective brands

    Which are your favourites? How will you keep warm on new year`s eve?

Reworked Video Channel

    I have completely reworked my YouTube video channel. It contains Haute Couture, pret a porter and menswear from 2002 - 2012, sorted by seasons.


    Watch over 280 runway videos with a running time of over 38 hours here:

    & subscribe if you like it. I`ll keep adding more videos.

Retrospective: Givenchy Haute Couture S/S 1998 by Alexander McQueen













    Picture credit: Pogisto, © All rights reserved

    What do you like best about this collection?

Merry Christmas

    Dear reader,

    I`m wishing you a merry christmas, full of love, harmony and everything your heart desires.

    Happy Holidays!

Evening & Party Holiday Outfits

Runway Video: Chanel Prefall 2012 'Paris - Bombay'

    Staying true to his custom of exotic inspirations for Chanel`s prefall collections, Karl takes us to India in 2012 and references Sari`s and colonial-style.

    I`m thrilled about the jewellery, opulence and also appeciate the colonial looks. They work in non-colours because they are defined by their cuts. I just wonder about the political-correctness of this reference since colonialism is a rather dark chapter of history and this is collection is no critical reflection but a romanticisation of it.

    I feel that the merging of cultures is reaching it`s aesthetic limits in this collection. The classical Chanel black and white hardly works without it`s minimalistic square-cut and a Sari doesn`t work without it`s bright colours and prints. A white Sari simply isn`t a Sari.

    Another thing I strongly dislike is the dreadlock-reference to the 1970s hippie-interest in India. This is neither Chanel nor India. What would Coco Chanel say to a woman desecrating her hair like that!?! Dreadlocks are not only the refusal of elegance - they represent a neglection of western culture. So how can Karl put them together with colonial-style, which represents a part of western-history that hippies oppose!?!

    The mixing of cultures does, of course, raise contradictions but this collection is simply not consistent in itself. By putting together the wrong facets it is as if he had 'neutralized' what was initially great about them (-> see the white Sari).

    Conclusion: beautiful but does not withstand further analysis.

    How do you like the collection? Hit or miss?

Holiday Outfits for Celebrations with Friends & Family

    2 fun

    Cashmere sweater: Lucien Pellat Finet, skirt: Vivienne Westwood, earrings: Just Cavalli, bag: Mango, ankle boots: Jean Paul Gaultier

    2 fun2

    Dress: Mango, bag: Vivienne Westwood, shoes: Roberto Cavalli

    2 family2

    Dress & jewellery: Vivienne Westwood, shoes: Ralph Lauren Holiday Collection

    2 family

    Cashmere dress: Heartbreaker, bag: Jean Paul Gaultier, shoes: Vivienne Westwood

    Pictures are property of the respective brands

    All outfits styled by Jenny

    Which outfit would you wear yourself and which items are your favourites?

Roberto Cavalli dresses Laura Pausini for her World Tour

    1 Roberto Cavalli for Laura Pausini (1)

    Roberto Cavalli has designed the outfits for the Italian singer Laura Pausini’s World Tour, which will begin on 22 December 2011 in Milan.

    2 Roberto Cavalli for Laura Pausini (4)

    The edgy suit made up of trousers and gilet on which the embroidered panels were expertly hand-treated by skilled artisans with python, crocodile and also partly in nappa leather, joined with long suede fringe.

    3 Roberto Cavalli for Laura Pausini (3)

    All of the garments have a strong stage presence.

    4 Roberto Cavalli for Laura Pausini (5)

    They are a part of the performance: every change of outfit corresponds to a change in the scenography.

    5 Roberto Cavalli for Laura Pausini (6)

    Another impressive number is the look composed of a black jacket with a satin collar, paired with a black lurex jumpsuit with pavè and black Swarovsky crystal embroidery.

    6 Roberto Cavalli for Laura Pausini (7)

    Pictures are property of Roberto Cavalli

    How important is the artist`s fashion for the show?

    Is the joy of watching half the fun of a concert? Or maybe most of it?

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