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Video Retrospective: Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 2004 by John Galliano

    This truely is one of the greatest Haute Couture collections in history! Everything about it is perfect; it is impressive from the opulent shapes to the the terrific details. Each look is a firework and the theatrical show with the models strouting the like pharaos and posing like divas brings them to life.

    Galliano`s play with proportions and volume is ingenious - earrings as large as shoes, skirts three times as wide as the waist and sleeves that touch the floor - THIS is Haute Couture; the artistic vision, the exaggeration, the perfect details and the perfect tailoring, all leading to a piece of pure beauty, born in the realm of fantasy, realized without the restrains of "practicability" or "wearability".

    I hope the CEO`s of Dior are sitting in their archives crying that they let Galliano go. He IS the greatest couturier alive and there is NO replacing him! He must return to Dior. There is no other way.

    What impresses you the most about this divine collection?

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